Fire and Smoke

Where there’s Smoke, and there’s Fire. They were part of the ISPMB (International Society for the Protection of Mustangs & Burrows) debacle and are now called Hallelujah horses. That most certainly has to be where the saying came from, as they do not ever stray far from each other.

The year was 2016, when 907 horses faced possible auction/slaughter, but thanks to Elaine Nash (Fleet of Angels) and many rescues like Reality’s Chance, who took in many of these horses, the rescue went down in history as the largest horse rescue ever.

Smoke & Fire came in and it was instant love. These two mustangs are the most bonded horses you will ever see. They are incredibly special horses to many and Elaine trusted our rescue with their care back in 2016.

They have both been in halters and worked somewhat on the ground but they were stallions in their 20s and are now living large in mid to late 30s, so we have provided peace & sanctuary to this majestic
pair. A no-hassle life!


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