Reality’s Chance Volunteering


Your support is crucial to our mission. There are many ways to get involved with Reality’s Chance. Volunteer and join our team of dedicated volunteers and make a hands-on difference in the lives of our horses.

Reality’s Horse Rescue & Sanctuary is run by dedicated volunteers who are always looking to add new members to our amazing team. Volunteers are useful in every aspect of our rescue, and all talents are needed!

Our volunteers are very hands-on and are responsible for duties directly involving the horses.


No experience? No problem

We can train you! We have volunteering opportunities for all experience levels.

Duties involve real farm work such as:

  • Feeding horses
  • Grooming horses
  • Mucking pastures
  • Cleaning barns and equipment
  • Pasture, fence, and equipment maintenance
  • Hauling and stacking hay
  • Grant writing
  • Sponsoring horses
  • Working with horses
  • Do you have a talent we didn’t list? Let us know. We are always open to new ideas and capabilities.


Volunteers Must be 18 or Accompanied by an Adult

To volunteer with Reality’s Horse Rescue & Sanctuary, please complete the Volunteer Application and Equine Wavier (links are located below). Once you have printed and filled out the form, please email us at to schedule a tour.


Volunteer Application

Equine Waiver

Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer of the Year 2021 | Kris Grosinsky Strzalkowski

About Kris Strzalkowski

Kris came to the barn to volunteer and has not stopped working hard since her feet first hit Reality’s Chance dirt!  She brings a no-nonsense, get-it-done attitude with extreme passion and dedication to everything she touches.  

You rarely find someone who jumps in without needing a lot of direction.   Kris is that person.   You find yourself thinking it, and without uttering a word, she has it done!  It’s a very magical thing.

Kris isn’t afraid of the toughest horses and will work very patiently to gain their trust.  Also, while it is extremely sad to say goodbye to our Sanctuary horses when it is their time, you will find her offering her strength while we know she is broken inside from the loss and the rest of us.

We thank you for every moment you have dedicated to the rescue, Kris, and we hope to have you grace our rescue for years to come!


Kris with RC Award  

Kris with Boom
Kris with Belle