Adoption Guidlines

  1. You must email to schedule an appointment to meet and/or ride the horse that you are interested in adopting. We encourage adopters to take their time, as the interaction is an opportunity to observe the compatibility of both horse and rider. Please be certain you are committed to your appointment time, and are seriously interested in the horse you wish to meet.
  2. Please go over our RCRS Barn Rules  to ensure you are prepared for your appointment.
  3. If the adopter and the horse are compatible, an Adoption Application must be completed  and submit a nonrefundable $25 dollar adoption application fee via the Paypal button on our website & FaceBook page or by mailing a check to Reality’s Chance Rescue & Sanctuary 4519 East Berry Road, Pleasant Lake, MI 49272.
  4.   Applications will not be accepted if the adopter has not been evaluated with the horse, or if the prospective adopter was not found suitable for the horse.
  5. The dedicated volunteers at RCRS will conduct a site visit, check on the references you provide and discuss further with you whether that particular horse will be the most suitable for your family.

Please note:  All RCRC horses are adopted out on a ‘right to first refusal contract’ meaning if you cannot or should no longer wish to own the horse, RCRS must be contacted prior to the horse being advertised or transferred to another home.