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January 15, 202 by Laura H.

Happy New Year! We have missed a few quarterly newsletters and apologize!    It  is  our  hope  to  keep  all  followers  as updated as possible through these newsletters, social media, barn tours etc.  There are times when we must  put  the  care  of  the  resident  Equine  first  and 2019  was  a  busy  year  so  our  Newsletter  suffered.  We  are  BACK  and  welcome  in  2020  with  you  all with a renewed spirit.


Thank  you  all  so  much  for  taking  the  time  to  learn more about Reality’s Chance Rescue & Sanctuary.  I hope you will become as passionate and enthusiastic about our mission as I am!
The Rescue, through many programs has helped so many people in the last ten years.  It is truly incredible to  be  witness  to  the  power  of  Equine  through  such things as simple visits to the barn.   We have watched troubled youth come in with no smile and heavy heart leave  with  such  happiness.    We  have  had  both  men and  women  come  in  after  the  loss  of  a  loved  one, simply hug on one of our resident Mustangs and see the  transformation  of  sadness  to  peace.    We  have
witnessed folks with no real family or community feel empowered to belong to our barn family and feel that sense of community they have been missing.


We  have  had  elderly  groups  come  and  within those groups have seen tears of joy as some have touched a horse for the first time.  Along with that we had the absolute honor of providing horses to Hospice  individuals  whose  last  wish  was  to  see and touch a horse one last time. We all have our own “growing up” stories.  For me  it  was  difficult  with  a  single  Mother,  very poor.  For some it’s hard to imagine getting off the school bus to a rental house and being locked out with no place to really go. Others likely know the story well.  I knew at a very early age I didn’t want  to  become  a  product  of  my  environment.  Instead  I  decided  to  become  a  product  of  my decisions.


I worked extremely hard while raising my son, and  best friend!  Through the success  I earned  in  the  Insurance  Industry,  I  decided  that those  earlier  life  obstacles  were  the  reason  I would “give back” every chance I could. It has been over 10 years now since the rescue of my first horse. My heart horse – Reality. Looking back on the huge amount of funds, hours of work and exhaustion, there is nothing I would change.  We have grown significantly with a large group  of  the  most  dedicated  volunteers  I  could have ever imagined.  With our first decade behind us and the growth momentum we are experiencing, I KNOW our Rescue & Sanctuary will not only change the lives of so many Equine, but people too! I encourage  you  to  get  involved  with Reality’s Chance  Rescue  &  Sanctuary. Your  efforts  will make a substantial difference in the lives of many. We  look  forward  to  hearing  from  you  or seeing you at a barn tour in 2020!!

– Laura H.


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