Our PLEA to owners of older horses

November 18, 2021 by Laura H.

Do not think that just because a horse is older it will be sickly and ‘die when it dies’. Nutrition needs of a horse changes as they age. Many cannot digest dry hay. When horses are young they can eat just about anything (humans too). As horses age, digestive processes become more delicate just like in humans, teeth may manifest problems – like falling out or developing sharp points. Or simply, the old guy is pushed away from his feed by other horses. This information is not hard to find along with how to make a mush that will get nutrition into their body.   Soaked Alfalfa Pellets, A Senior “Complete” feed, these things have turned many horses around that have come into our care.  We’ve shared some before and after pictures to help you see there is a way to keep the body score up on these equine and keep them as healthy as possible until they leave us. Chopped hay might be another way to go.  If you notice your horse quidding please seek help. Do not forget they need continued dental care from your vet even when they start to lose their teeth.

– Laura H.

Please see the photos below for the before and after photos.


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