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Max Max is a 7 year old totally blind part Haflinger part Quarter Horse. We weren’t super loaded with blind horse experience but couldn’t find another sanctuary to take Max


Gobi Gobi is a QTR Horse that came to us when the owners of the property he lived on were sick and needed help. Gobi came with a pal named


Belle – “Mia Bella Ragazza” Belle is a 19 or 20 year old Buckskin Mustang Mare. We were asked by the BLM to pick her up quite a few years


Indie Indie is a “25-ish” (possibly older) Mustang who is very hard-headed and set in his ways. He is a friendly guy but one of those mustangs that just does

Giselle - Horse - Reality's Chance


Giselle While our rescue does not believe in feeding the kill pens with dollars to keep the cycle going, we were told Giselle’s bail had been paid and asked to

Fire and Smoke

Fire and Smoke Where there’s Smoke, and there’s Fire. They were part of the ISPMB (International Society for the Protection of Mustangs & Burrows) debacle and are now called Hallelujah


Gus This guy is about 30, and we call him Fabio (if you’ve seen his mane, you understand). His life was full of moving around quite a bit, so when


Catori Another Hallelujah horse came in with Justice (who is still on the property). Catori and Justice, who we thought were bonded, are just two very different horses. Justice found

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