Horses at Reality's Chance



Razz Is in his mid-twenties. He has a solid ground and saddle foundation. Razz is currently undergoing a vet evaluation, and cannot be ridden for the time being. His disposition



Latigo Is an American Mustang in his mid-teens. He is bonded with Cinch. they have to be adopted out as a pair. Latigo is the extrovert of the two and



Cinch Is an American Mustang gelding. He is x years old and is bonded with Latigo. they have to be adopted out as a pair. Cinch likes to think situations


Roxy Is a Quarter horse mare who is 22-25 years old. Roxy has heaves and will need a light rider. She is a kind soul who enjoys attention.   Adopt



Wyatt Is an older gelding with an amazing personality. His nickname at the barn is “Eddie Murphy”, as Wyatt’s facial expressions are sure to make you laugh. He would make



Rusty Is a 13-year-old registered Paint gelding. He is an absolute joy to be around and is an awesome “people horse”. Rusty is on medication for Navicular but has responded



Boomer Is a 33 year old equine that came to us when his owner passed from Covid-19. He suffers from cushings and heaves. We have been continuously trying to put

Fire and Smoke

Fire and Smoke Are American Mustangs. These older gentlemen are in their early 30’s. Fire and Smoke came to the rescue in December of 2017 and are an extremely bonded



Gus Is an American Mustang and comes to us from the ranks of the Mounted Police Division. He is quite the character, always up for a good time. His favorite


Miss Belle

Miss Belle A 16 year old Mustang, is still working on her people skills. She is currently undergoing groundwork and is excellent at thinking things through. She may not be

Bart and Thor

Bart & Thor Bart and Thor, two elderly Friesians, are both retired actors. Bart is 22 and Thor is 23. They both played roles as co-stars on reality TV. They


Catori Is an American Mustang. She is approximately 20 years old and is learning to trust humans. She needs someone with previous experience gentling Mustangs as well as a calm

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